Please find below a selection of Pete's artwork from 2015 below.

Simply click on the thumbnails to open up the pictures. You can scroll through the pictures by clicking on the forwards ">>" or backwards "<<" icons. Alternatively, if you are using a computer with a keyboard you can navigate forwards or backwards using the left or right arrow buttons. To close the expanded image just click anywhere within the greyed out area surrounding the picture or click on the "X" in the botton right corner.

Further details about each picture, such as the dimensions, are displayed either at the bottom of each expanded picture or by hovering the cursor over the thumbnails:


  • Make a statementMake a statement
  • How to casually acknowledge someoneHow to casually acknowledge someone
  • How to throw an uppercutHow to throw an uppercut
  • How to make a good curryHow to make a good curry
  • You as an Ottomann miniatureYou as an Ottomann miniature
  • Please choose a pathPlease choose a path
  • How to throw a stoneHow to throw a stone
  • Something brilliantSomething brilliant
  • Something ordinarySomething ordinary
  • How to grow a plantHow to grow a plant
  • Imagine a religious figureImagine a religious figure
  • A heartbeat rythmA heartbeat rythm
  • What is the meaning of lifeWhat is the meaning of life
  • Imagine the rest of the creatureImagine the rest of the creature
  • The bonghwangThe bonghwang
  • Do I work with my hands?Do I work with my hands?
  • Please make a sentencePlease make a sentence
  • How to punch somebodyHow to punch somebody
  • The worldThe world


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Thanks to Kubik-Rubik for the Simple Image Gallery Extended functionality.