Please find below a selection of Pete's artwork from 2014 below.

Simply click on the thumbnails to open up the pictures. You can scroll through the pictures by clicking on the forwards ">>" or backwards "<<" icons. Alternatively, if you are using a computer with a keyboard you can navigate forwards or backwards using the left or right arrow buttons. To close the expanded image just click anywhere within the greyed out area surrounding the picture or click on the "X" in the botton right corner.

Further details about each picture, such as the dimensions, are displayed either at the bottom of each expanded picture or by hovering the cursor over the thumbnails:


  • Making stuffMaking stuff
  • Wool portraitWool portrait
  • Street corner observationStreet corner observation
  • Change this pictureChange this picture
  • Change this picture (live)Change this picture (live)
  • Huge cloud comingHuge cloud coming
  • It's so darkIt's so dark
  • Shouting facesShouting faces
  • Slumped overSlumped over
  • Sounds and vocalsSounds and vocals
  • Back of handBack of hand
  • Palm of handPalm of hand
  • Complete drawing day 1Complete drawing day 1
  • Complete drawing day 2Complete drawing day 2
  • Complete drawing 0Complete drawing 0
  • Complete drawing 1Complete drawing 1
  • Complete drawing 2Complete drawing 2
  • Complete drawing 3Complete drawing 3
  • Complete drawing 4Complete drawing 4
  • DisappearDisappear
  • Get noticedGet noticed
  • Join a groupJoin a group
  • Redesign 1Redesign 1
  • Redesign 2Redesign 2
  • Redesign 3Redesign 3
  • Redesign 4Redesign 4
  • Redesign 5Redesign 5
  • Rearrange 1Rearrange 1
  • Rearrange 2Rearrange 2
  • Rearrange 3Rearrange 3
  • Rearrange 4Rearrange 4
  • Choose a camouflage 1Choose a camouflage 1
  • Choose a camouflage 2Choose a camouflage 2


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Thanks to Kubik-Rubik for the Simple Image Gallery Extended functionality.